Game Server Rules

  • 1. generally InGame and in TS applies:

    No racism,

    No sexism,

    No insults,

    No discrimination in any form.

    1.1 Lead to immediate ban:


    Exploiting glitches (Intentional or unintentional!)

    Exploiting game mechanics (Intentional or unintentional!)

    1.2 DayZ and the Bugs:

    DayZ and the DayZ servers are not bug free even after the release of the game! There are always glitches, despawns, percistence errors and so on. Nothing new for old DayZ hares. We try to keep our server as stable as possible, but especially on modded servers such errors do not stay away. The ingame disclaimer applies here as well: "You are playing a modded version of the game, which may change gameplay, performace,and stability!"ALL items that are despawned or damaged due to server / game bugs will not be replaced by the admins. DayZ = Never love your Loot!

    2. Sammelbecken DayZ Server „Dayz Life“ Chiemsee

    2.1 Whitelisting:

    There is no whitelist on the CHERNARUS PVE-PVP RP server.

    Please register on, so that you can inform yourself about upcoming rule changes and everything else around the server and if necessary we can get in contact with you. Our TS is also available for you

    2.2 Streaming and Recording:

    Streaming and recording of the gameplay, including ingame voice and TS, is allowed on the server. By logging in on the server for the first time, you agree that your gameplay and ingame voice can be recorded and possibly used by others in the future (Twitch, Youtube, etc.).

    2.3 KOS (Kill on sight)

    KOS is generally not forbidden. Our server is monitored by the PVEZ mod. There are PVE and PVP zones. PVP zones are mostly military zones. Look for the messages and the sign with the two crossed swords in the bottom right corner of the game.

    Killing a player in a PVP zone has no consequences.

    You can be robbed in the PVE zone!

    If you are robbed, put your hands up and speak or write ingame to interact with the robber!

    The robber MAY not kill you if you follow his instructions and interact with him peacefully. If you do not follow the bandit's instructions, the bandit can kill you. The bandit must tie you up before he can get to your loot.

    If you kill a player in the PVE area or injure them so that they die as a result of your actions, you will be marked as an OUTLAW on the in-game map.

    As an Outlaw you are free of the law and anyone can hunt and kill you anywhere without being considered an Outlaw.

    If you play in a group (2 players or more) and kill someone, it is FORBIDDEN to be killed by a group member to lose the Outlaw status. Likewise, suicide or purposefully causing death by e.g. animals or starvation/ thirst/ fire/ burning/ drowning/ falling under/running over etc. is FORBIDDEN.

    Violations of this rule will result in a ban!

    Please play this role fairly so that everyone can have fun playing this role.

    2.4 RolePlay:

    The Gathering DayZ Chernarus server is a PVE-PVP roleplay server.

    RP is mandatory! Don't worry if you've never RPed before, just try it out. Please make sure you can talk inGame at any time.

    No Mic = No Life.

    2.5 RP Character:

    Roleplay lives on your imagination and ideas. Please take some time to breathe life into your character.

    You should think about the following points in any case:


    -Name ("FastSh00ter53" or similar is NOT an RP name!)

    -Character traits (friendly, aggressive, cowardly, loner.....)

    -Small background story (origin, profession, how did you come to Chernaus, .....)

    -Further we set no limits. Create your character as you wish.

    -Rewrite game and server mechanics. Sentences like "I'm new on the server", "just spawned" or "I'll log out in 10 min" can be played differently!

    2.6 Raids in PVE area:

    A raid in the PVE zone is possible at any time and can / may also naturally always be a bit "PowerRP" heavy.

    The raid must be clearly initiated ("Hands up, this is a raid", "Freeze or I open fire" or similar). Please keep in mind the in-game call range.

    As soon as the robbery is initiated, the victim may of course defend himself. If you as the victim fight back and kill someone, you do not fall under the Outlaw rule. But this is not a carte blanche! If the victim does not cooperate with the bandits to the given extent, or even refuses the robbery RP completely, the bandit may kill his victim and also does not fall under the Outlaw rule.

    Please report the robbery with video evidence so that the admins can remove the Outlaw status from you. The status will also be removed when both parties communicate to the admins that the RP went according to the rules.

    People who are in a moving vehicle / aircraft are not allowed to be ambushed. The bandit must come up with something to stop the vehicle / aircraft.

    If the vehicle is stationary, the occupants may be forced out by force of arms. Vehicles are therefore NOT a SaveZone.

    The raid is over when the raiding party declares it over, or when there has been no raid RP (this includes gunfire resulting from the situation) between the parties for 15 min.

    If the raid has ended, as stated above, and the parties meet again a short time later, PvP is prohibited until the raid is reopened.

    2.7 Forbidden RP:

    This generally includes anything that is against the morals of our society.


    -Rape RP (Roleplay that includes or aims at rape or similar).

    -Torture RP (Roleplay that involves or aims at the unnecessary and excessive torture of fellow players).

    -Other cases reserved

    2.8 RP + PVP Denial / Escape:

    We are not a hardcore RP server. However, we do place a high value on serious roleplay.

    Logging out during an RP situation is forbidden. It should be clear that people do not vanish into thin air during a conversation or an action! The RP situation must be played to the end.

    A player cannot choose with whom or when to roleplay. If you get into an RP situation, it has to be played.

    Excuses like "then shoot me, I don't care!", simply remaining silent or similar will not be tolerated.

    Logging out during a PvP situation (Combat Logging) is forbidden.

    2.9 New Life Rule:

    If the character dies in the game, he can immediately re-spawn. It is not necessary to create a new RP character or change the name.

    In-game, however, the character has forgotten the last hour and therefore does not know what just happened.

    Translated with (free version)

    2.10 Basebuilding:

    In DayZ SA, basebuilding and server performance go hand in hand. Therefore, the admins always have an eye on the size and equipment of your base.

    Please pay attention to the proportionality. If a base causes lags or game crashes for other players, the admins have to react.

    BASES MUST BE REGISTERED. Use the link "Base registration".

    A minimum distance of 1000 m must be kept from military areas and other bases. Fencing of whole villages, districts or forests is not allowed.

    When building with Basebuilding Plus, the maximum height of a building is three stories, regardless of whether it is built on top of a building.

    A maximum of 2000 spaces per person of storage in containers (tent, barrel, boxes, etc; vehicle inventory does not count).

    A Car Tent can be used as a garage, but then no Loot may be stored in the Car Tent.

    If you use more than one base with storage facilities, these will count towards the 2000 storage spaces!

    Only one vehicle is allowed per person.

    A maximum of 20 firearms (rifle, pistol) are allowed per person. Firearms on character do not count.

    Houses that are bought do not have to be registered. However, as soon as you start building (vanilla basebuilding or basebuilding plus) walls, doors, etc., it is considered a base and must be registered.

    Also with a bought house / several bought real estates the total number of 2000 places storage possibility per player is valid!

    Every 3 months there will be a cleanup of the not registered bases by the admins.

    2.11 BaseRaid

    Raiding bases is only allowed if either the owner or a player of the affected group is ONLINE! Offline raids will be punished with a ban!

    Flying aircraft into a Base (and thus overcoming the walls) is also considered a Base Raid.

    This also applies to purchased real estate and police stations.

    2.12 Illegal items

    In order to promote roleplay, the following items are considered illegal on the server:

    • Cocaine leaves and packaged cocaine
    • Cannabis leaves and packaged cannabis
    • Crowbars (Crowbar)
    • Lockpicks (Lockpick)
    • Counterfeit money

    When police officers find illegal items, they may confiscate them. The penalty is pronounced by the police, a judge is not necessary for this.

    2.13 Market Square Safe Zone

    It is forbidden to troll in the market place. The square is there to do business and trade in peace. It is forbidden to steal in the marketplace, for example to take things from discarded clothes. This applies as long as the owner is around. If someone forgets to take things back, this is of course allowed.

    2.14. Active admins

    If there are active admins on a server, there is always the accusation of admin abuse. In order to create the greatest possible transparency about the actions of the admins, the following rules apply:

    If the Game / Server Admins are on the server for maintenance, testing or gameplay monitoring, they are in the collection basin TS in the appropriate Admin Channels. They will not intervene in the ongoing gameplay and will not participate in the RP.

    If the admins are in their RP character role, they are in the game channels or their clan channel (PDW). Here the admins are not allowed to use the server tools. If you think that something is not right ingame, please contact PhYsiO in his capacity as ServerOwner.

    Game / ServerAdmins:





    2.15 Reporting Violations:

    If you would like to report misconduct by other players (PVE-PVP violations, RP escapes, etc.) you are welcome to do so via contact (at the bottom of the homepage) or directly to the admins.

    For this, we generally require video evidence. So make sure that you use Shadowplay, OBS etc. on our server. Without video the incident will not be

    will not be followed up by the admins!

    Excluded from the video evidence are base raids that have occurred in the absence of the player / group concerned.

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