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    ---Sammelbecken Server Rules---


    Support is possible via our homepage, open a ticket under Support!

    You can also use the Discord in the channel < I need an Admin! > wait for help.

    With both options, consider that we all have a real life and do not always have time immediately.

    If admins are in (no support) channels, they play themselves and will not respond to support requests.

    General behavior:

    In your gameplay, please keep in mind that behind every player character is a real person.

    Dealing with each other under the premise of courtesy and respect for others.

    Cheating, exploiting mechanics or using 3rd party software is strictly prohibited.

    Bans are not unfounded, every ban is justified. Stick to the few rules and you will have fun too.

    Change your name from 'Survivor' to a different name. (This can be done in the DayZ Launcher under the 'Parameters' tab)

    In general InGame and Discord applies:

    No rassism,

    no sexism,

    No insults,

    No discrimination of any kind

    no politics.


    Glitching, duping and exploiting game mechanics are prohibited!

    If the player dies from a zombie, animal or own gameplay, the right to the player's inventory expires.

    Exceptions only apply if the player dies due to server crashes or similar.

    Parking at the trader is not allowed, use your base or the garage.

    PVE Rules Chernarus & Livonia:

    Baseraid is allowed in the whole PVE zone only if the owners are online.

    Find out who owns the base through scouting or through in-game conversations.

    You may only enter a foreign base through a door or gate.

    No walls may be damaged or dismantled, destroying the base is not allowed.

    Players who kill other players will show up as killers on the map.

    The killer can be hunted down and killed by all players. Losing the killer status by intentionally starving, dying of thirst, running into zombies or by killing "own" teammates is forbidden.

    Of course, the killer can defend himself.

    PVP Rules Chernarus & Livonia:

    Killing a Player in a PVP Zone has no consequences.

    Raid Rule Chernarus & Livonia:

    You can be ambushed anywhere on the map.

    A raid is possible at any time and can / may of course always be a bit "PowerRP" heavy.

    The attack must be initiated clearly (“Hands up, this is an attack”, “Stay where you are or I will open fire” or similar). Please note the in-game call range.

    As soon as the attack is initiated, the victim can of course defend himself. If you defend yourself as a victim and kill someone in the process, you do not fall under the outlaw rule. But that's not a free pass! If the victim does not cooperate with the bandits to the extent given, or even refuses the RP attack altogether, the bandit may kill his victim and does not fall under the outlaw rule either.

    Please report the robbery with video evidence so the admins can remove your outlaw status. The status is also removed when both parties communicate to the admins that the RP has expired in accordance with the rules.

    People who are in a vehicle/aircraft must not be attacked. The bandit has to come up with something to stop the vehicle/aircraft.

    If the vehicle is stationary, the occupants may be forced to exit at gunpoint. So vehicles are NOT a SaveZone.

    The raid is over when the raiding party declares it over, or if there has been no raid RP (including shootouts arising from the situation) between the parties for 15 minutes.

    If the raid is over, as mentioned above, and the parties meet again a short time later, PvP is prohibited until a new raid is started.

    PVP rules on all other servers:

    Except for the Chernarus and Livonia servers, all other servers are purely PVP. You can do whatever you want on this server, there are "no" rules.

    Forbidden RP:

    This generally includes everything that violates the morals of our society.


    -Rape RP (Roleplay that includes or has the goal of rape or similar)

    -Torture RP (Roleplay that involves or aims at unnecessary and excessive torment of fellow players)

    -Other cases reserved

    Build base:

    Allowed in all zones. Check PVP and PVE rules. No bases within 500m of any military facility.

    The size of the bases should be reasonable, a maximum of three stories high from the ground. Structures (houses, etc.) may only be built one story high.

    Violators will be demolished without warning from the admin!

    The larger the base, the greater the risk of lag in the game. We rely on your common sense as this will primarily affect your gameplay.

    Only bases with flagpole and flag are considered as a base. The owner has to make sure that the flag is always hoisted. If the flag is all the way down, the base can be raided even if the owner is not online. Individual tents, barrels, etc. on the map are not considered a base without a flagpole and flag and can be raided at any time. Manipulating or stealing a base flag is prohibited!


    The use of cars and helicopters is at your own risk.

    If there is an error on the server that is not the fault of the user, the admin can help.

    In order to be compensated for the loss of a vehicle, video footage must be provided.

    Parking in the Save Zone:

    Parking of any vehicles (cars, helicopters, spaceships) in the Save Zone is only permitted for 24 hours. If vehicles are longer in the zone, they will be deleted by the admins. This applies to the entire area of the save zone.

    Basebuilding at travel agency:

    Buying the house where the terminal to switch map is written is not allowed. It is also forbidden to close or block doors and windows (base building, cupboards, etc.).

    Streaming and advertising:

    Streaming from our servers is always welcome.

    Advertising for other servers in the stream/video and in the discord is prohibited.

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